PICS_0009How did I pick the name Collette? When I was in high school, my French teacher said that in French my name would be ‘Collette.’ When I was brainstorming for this book, that name just popped into my head, literally out of nowhere! That’s probably the only thing I remember from French class.

Pronunciations: Cyokiana = Si-o-key-anna; Aeglaeca = a-gla-cia; Esa = ehsa; Keyta = Keeta; Syla = Sila

Why did Esa forbid the Onka and Shopki clans from producing offspring with one another? Both clans of the Cyokiana tribe had disgraced and insulted the Great Spirits. So it was Esa’s plan to inhibit that muddled bloodline from continuing – Esa wanted it eradicated. Plus, Esa knew that humanity would ultimately pay the price if an Onka and Shopki came together. And perhaps that is what Esa knew was going to happen from the very beginning…

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