Cherish animals & embrace nature – SJR

Stella currently lives and works in Aurora, Colorado, and she has deep roots in Pocatello, Idaho and Green Bay, Wisconsin. She is passionate about animal welfare, is an outdoor adventure enthusiast, and loves singing and playing her guitar, as well as writing country music. In the summer, she enjoys spending time at her mountain retreat in historic Grand Lake, Colorado with her husband and Golden Retrievers, Goldie & Aspen (both in loving spirit). She can also be found kayaking, biking, hiking, paddleboarding, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing throughout the mountainous western states, but Redfish Lake will always be her favorite place to visit, and a place of wonder for her. Her husband maintains a blog of their adventures:http://www.basecampgrandlake.comMOOSEBASECAMP

There are many charitable organizations that are near and dear to Stella’s heart, and many that she has supported over the years. However, she is particularly drawn toward Beagle Freedom Project, Heartland Farm Sanctuary, Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary, and Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.

On behalf of 18th Winter, I am proud to be a monthly donor to Beagle Freedom Project. It is time for animal testing to stop; it is time for the dog meat market to end; it is time for people to respect ALL living creatures. I dream about a better world for animals, & hope that someday that dream will come true. It was that dream that fueled the story of 18th Winter. With your help to spread the word about 18th Winter, we can make the world a better place!